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Monday, July 2, 2012

3 talentless people that have formed successful careers...

Seth Macfarlane pretty much summed up youth employment.
Earning money in this economic climate is hard enough let alone trying to become rich and famous, with teenagers attending colleges and universities to attempt to make something better of their lives rather than settling for a cheque tax payers hand to them whilst being on job seeker's allowance. Even the part time jobs such as 'bus boys' companies couldn't fill thirty years ago are now highly competitive and are considered as gold to people struggling to find employment. However, it has come to my attention lately that people can just about be famous for anything nowadays, just as long as you have the right marketing and attitude to your target audience anything can be achieved. Frankly, this agitates me. Therefore I give you four talentless people that have formed successful careers in different fields of the media, to just show you how easy a rich and powerful status can be reached with all most no effort at all. If you can think of any more, leave a comment! :)

1. Jason Acuña
We as a species believe that when pain is inflicted on another person and not ourselves, it is the most hilarious thing we have witnessed. They could be doing anything, from  being kicked in the face by a horny camel, to walking into a shop window (Justin Bieber), whatever it is, it's human nature to chuckle at other people's misfortune. Due to the public's need of seeing horrific injuries, some people have come to the conclusion that the only way of making a living is to act upon this reaction; none more so than Jason Acuña. Jason, aka "Wee Man" from the Jackass series, has a made a career simply by self-harming with his friends in the name of comedy and entertainment, pulling in millions of viewers to watch the banter unfold as they set up situations that either plans to embarrass, injur or condemn themselves or one of their friends. That explanation of Jackass was for the people who have been living under a rock for the past ten years. Welcome to the light.

His pain threshold must be staggering through the precarious obstacles he sets himself, however apart from this, it takes no skill what so ever. Anybody could make this show, it's just many of us lack the motivation and television crew to film it. Therefore is the success to his rise to stardom just merely stupidity? And Johnny Knoxville co-hosting? No. Jason has one more trick up his very small sleeve. He's, err, small. This adds an extra hilarity to the stunts he performs, as not only are the stunts unusual, he himself is quite unique in his stature giving the ridiculous nature of the obstacles another edge for audiences.
Disability + Stupidity = Fame. It's math, and you can't argue with math...

"When the pimps in the crib maa, drop it like it's a zero when trying to find
 the last X non-zero digits of N. Gangster shit.
2. Meg White
There is one question that springs to mind when somebody mentions Meg White to me and that question is...How? There are numerous talented musicians out there unemployed and crying over their guitar strings because they want to play in front of crowds, yet somehow Meg, a person with the rhythm of a stale ham sandwich managed to perform for thousands live. There is only one explanation for this, she must have been banging a successful musician...OH SNAP. 

Her way to stardom was to leech of Jack White's talent by being his sister/wife/partner/experiment. She is essentially a gold digger, much like every footballer's wife, a mere parasite feeding of the talent of another individual.Thank goodness Jack managed to break free and fly solo once more.


3. Every Royal In Modern Society
It's true. The world today is run by politics, money and people who are educated to make decisions that will better economies and help us to live better lives. We even vote for them through ballots to come into power and tell us how we can help and sustain the way of life we know. Yet still sitting in the comfort on the branch of the tree are members of royal families. 

"Peasants, can't even afford Armani, I ain't trifilin' with no Primark shit."
They are astoundingly wealthy, are able to afford literal palaces and are commemorated whenever they have a birthday or significant date simply because they are a part of a specific bloodline. Yet, they do absoloutely nothing accept go to fancy events and dress in so much bling 50 Cent would go blind. They just sit there, dodging taxes and ordering butlers around to grab things for them. Now I know it is apart of historic culture in some countries, however let's face it, Kings and Queens have lost most power in today's climate. There might have been a time where they had the last say of chopping of somebody's head or shotgunned the last eccles cake from the pantry, but not anymore. They are at mercy of the government and the people's opinion, making them frankly, obselete. Queen Elizabeth II is nothing really more than a pensioner now, however I can't see her hobbling home with bags from Tesco and complaining about the price of heating anytime soon...

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