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Sunday, February 12, 2012

4 movie character duos that should have been made into TV sitcoms...

Character development is one of the most important aspects in a fictional medium, getting audiences to relate and learn about the people's lives featured is the way a connection is made by the actors on screen and the viewers. Apart from people who watch Twilight, who just seem to gawk in a zombiefied state, rather than interact (see an earlier post).
"I swear, one more cat litter bag and I'm gonna snap"
 Through this subconscious bond comes character pairings that stand out in a film's narrative that grab the attention of the audience, by either making them laugh or give aspiration that they themselves could find someone to share the relationship the characters have on screen. And through this, comes a missed opportunity by television networks, to prey on the characters shown and expand them into small screen activists that the viewers can watch every week on their tiny screens. Or massive screens, depending whether they work in retail or not. Therefore I give you the four movie character duos that should have been made into TV sitcoms, respectively...
1.  Dr Sheila and Allen Gamble (The Other Guys)
A mismatch made in heaven between a pimp and a nurse as they met due to Allen getting an allergic reaction rash to poison ivy on his ass. This shit writes itself. The early years between these two would have clawed in the ratings in as the prequel to The Other Guys showing the day to day life of this average, plain couple.
It would attract every psyche of televison critic, from the straight minded male who believe a woman's place is in the kitchen and casual domestic abuse due to Allen's distinct traditional views on being a husband; whilst on the other hand middle class white women would sympathise with Eva Mendes' character, or even relate to it as she struggles to please her husband in every which way. Comedy, drama and romance would ensue, not to mention the amazing secondary characters such as the seemingly perverse message-delivering grandmother. 

This sitcom would have everything. But did a network pick it up? LIKE HELL THEY DID.  Maybe developing and promoting an abusive relationship on television may have gained them alot of protesters, but they'd gain alot of followers too. C'mon Fox, this seems like the kind of show you would broadcast...
Glorious television...
 2. WALL-E and the cockroach (WALL-E) 
It seems strange how two seemingly sub-human characters can feel so...human. But then again I guess that's what Disney does best, apart from making us weep like fair maidens. The chemistry between these two is outstanding, with an almost father-son relationship being promoted as the audiences watch WALL-E  push him about like he's an insect or something. Oh... Plus the added on going theme of "cockroaches could survive a nuclear explosion" could run throughout the series, even promoting some super-powered capabilities, shifting the power balance between them both. I should be a writer.
It is frustrating that Disney and Pixar would make small animated shorts about lamps and spunk their bank account on Hannah Montana's new up and coming series than concentrate on small but exceptionally fun traites such as these. The Disney channel is just dying for a new lease of life since the High School Musical class have now finally hit puberty, so why not invest in something that everyone can enjoy, rather than, err, no one?
3.  Filtch and Mrs Norris (Harry Potter Series)
Why is the cat married anyway? Surely it would be Miss Norris, wouldn't it, Filtchy? You dirty bastard. Beastiality aside, the lovable couple who play a minor role in the first half of the series, then seem to vanish of the face of the earth, would drag in audiences by the millions with their comedy sketches and everyday endeavours. I'm guessing their purpose would be to catch that pesky Potter and his minions whenever they were up to no good, giving an array of plot lines to be executed upon. He was terribly frightening in the first two films, giving off a creepy "I'm gonna getcha" vibe, soiling the pants of young folk everywhere, and putting the scary back into children's films as it had it's break from the nineties.

Nineties villains resembled Robert De Niro in some way, 9/10.
 But the biggest hook of these two? It has a cat in it, and people simply, adore, cats. No philisophy or psychology involved, cats are just mega cute, and even though Norris had red eyes, people would see past her blatent contacts to tune in and watch her as she tries to catch the pupils. Think of it as Scooby-Doo, without the stoner...
4. Vincent and Jules (Pulp Fiction)
Now this would be something. An interracial criminal duo who work for a drug kingpin and take care of, "business". Plus you get Samuel L. Jackson's many, many quotes to work with. It's a guaranteed winner, with a ready made audience in the millions of people who have watched and re-watched Pulp Ficiton over and over again just because in the original film they made such a good pairing. Clumsily blowing Marvin's face off and arguing who should pick up skull is just a prime example of the situations these two could be put in. For example, mopping a blood stained floor, or meeting Jules' mum together (que the black woman stereotype). It all fits together like a pretty jigsaw puzzle and would round it off nicely, like this blog post does.... 

Hold on to your butts...

 Oh I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?

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